The Strategy You Need to Increase Your Private School Enrollment

As a leader in your private school, you may be facing a lot of unknowns. The effects of COVID-19 are guaranteed to drop enrollment rate for private schools in the 2020-21 school year, causing:

Program Cutbacks
Reduced Resources for Staff and Faculty
Reduced Staff
A less-than-optimal educational environment for
your students

Private School Enrollment in the Time of Covid-19

The leadership of private schools across America are well aware of the future we are all facing.
The problem of gaining new students and families isn't a new one, but it's escalating at an unprecedented rate with the new reality of our world. The problems include:

Having legacy families but not knowing how to best equip them to help bring in new families & students.
No longer knowing how to best market to families and students new to the area.
Having a beautiful website, but it’s not converting to new students.
Knowing that if we don't adapt, private schools could shut down.

Proven Process for Marketing to New Families

We have a proven process that will help your school get in front of all of these issues and start gaining new student enrollment. This package includes:

Positioning your digital presence for the future
Focusing on critical digital services
Putting your message in front of qualified families and students

Vers has built its success in helping schools transition. Over the last ten years, our award-winning creatives have helped organizations transition the way that they think and communicate, which leads to results.

“We came into the year needing to boost our enrollment and Vers guided us through the change of a whole new process to fill our school. We are excited about the growth Vers' strategy has primed us for next year."
Tony Robinson, Head of School — Reynolds Mountain Christian Academy

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