October 24, 2023

#4 • How to Become a Fundraising Rebel, Building Trust Through Connection and Experiences, and Meaningful Donor Engagement with Lisa Stueckemann


Collin and H sit down with Lisa Stueckemann, VP of Philanthropy at new Life Solutions to uncover the secrets of becoming a Fundraising Rebel (and how to make authentic Chicago-style deep-dish pizza!)

Episode Summary.

Imagine a world where fundraising isn't just about the money, but about building meaningful connections and experiences. That's the world our guest, Lisa Stueckemann - VP of Philanthropy at New Life Solutions and the 'Fundraising Rebel' - lives in. Lisa adds a fascinating dimension to our conversations, sharing her love for funky glasses, deep dish pizza, and of course, her unique insights into philanthropy and fundraising.

Lisa guides us through the labyrinth of fundraising, emphasizing the importance of making 'the ask' in a way that honors and respects the donor. She dissects the concept of donor fatigue, shares the art of using data and surveys for donor segmentation, and highlights the power of building trust with donors. Lisa also illuminates the essence of having the right people on your fundraising team, the alignment of passion with the mission, and the challenges of obtaining gifted endowments.

We further tap into Lisa's vast knowledge to understand effective donor engagement strategies. We explore how to create meaningful experiences for donors, the need for simplicity in donor appreciation, and the influence of personal conversations in building relationships. We also discuss why it's important to offer donors more ways to engage than just financial contributions. Join us on this enlightening journey with Lisa Stueckemann, as we delve into the heart of fundraising and donor engagement.


00:08 - Getting to Know the Fundraising Rebel

23:59 - The Essence of Philanthropy and Fundraising

29:57 - Effective Donor Engagement and Trust Building

53:55 - Simplicity, Intimidation, and Donor Appreciation

58:38 - Fundraising and Donor Engagement Strategies

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About Lisa:

Lisa Stueckemann, MNA, CFRE, is the VP of Philanthropy at New Life Solutions on the West Coast of Florida. Her undergraduate degree in theater from the University of Cincinnati-College Conservatory of Music and Master of Nonprofit Administration from North Park University in Chicago provide a unique and creative lens to her fundraising strategy and leadership style. Her personal passion is creating meaningful experiences for donors in every possible medium. Lisa enjoys speaking on leadership and fundraising at local, state, and national conferences. Find her at Fundraising Rebel on Linkedin and Facebook.

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