November 7, 2023

#5 • The Heartbeat of Africa: Watoto's Inspiring Mission and Impact with Executive Director of WatotoUS, Eugene Stutzman


Collin and H sit down with Eugene Stutzman, Executive Director of WatotoUS to learn about Watoto's beginnings, mission, and incredible impact.

Episode Summary.

Inspiring journeys of faith and purpose resonate profoundly with us. This one involves a choir, an enormous heart, and transformative stories from the heart of Africa? Join us as we traverse the inspiring narrative of Watoto, an extraordinary church and ministry in Uganda and many other countries across the globe. Our guest, Eugene Stutzman, the executive director of WatotoUS, takes us on this journey that began with Canadian missionaries Gary and Marilyn Skinner in the tumultuous 1980s and has since become a beacon of hope for orphaned children.

Eugene's tale is an integral part of this journey. He recounts his personal evolution from being a carpenter to becoming a choir director after a transformative two-week mission trip to Uganda. He narrates the enthralling story of faith and mission that propels Watoto, right from its initial tour, which was purely an act of faith, to the immense growth and transformation that this organization has experienced. You'll be moved by the organization's impact on the lives of individuals in Uganda and South Sudan.

The episode culminates in a discussion about Watoto's remarkable work in empowering women and cultivating leaders in Africa. We explore the Watoto Neighborhood program that supports women with healthcare, education, employable skills, and housing. We hear about the organization's dedication to preventing child marriage and its efforts in providing sanitary supplies and discipleship classes in local schools. This is not just a podcast episode; it's a journey into the heart of an organization that's making a significant impact on the lives of thousands of children and women in Uganda and beyond. Join us, and let the transformative work of Watoto inspire you.


0:06 - Watoto: A Global Ministry

9:51 - From Carpenter to Choir Director

19:11 - Faith and Mission of Watoto Ministry

29:05 - Unique Soloists and Future Plans

37:16 - Empower Women, Raise Leaders in Africa

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About Eugene:

Eugene Stutzman has been serving as the Executive Director of Watoto Child Care Ministry for the past 15 years. Together with his wife Glenda of 26 years, they call Tampa, FL home. In his free time, he enjoys woodworking and cycling. Eugene loves to see an underdog succeed and is passionate about seeing children at Watoto grow up to become everything that God called them to be.

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