September 15, 2023

#1 • Our Best Episode Yet

With Co-Hosts: Heredes Ribeiro & Collin Hoke

Get to know the hosts of the Nonprofit Renaissance Podcast.

Episode Summary.

Get to know the hosts of the Nonprofit Renaissance Podcast. We'll peel back the layers on our personal favorites in a riveting game of 'This or That'. Will Disney beat Universal? Does Mac have the upper hand over PC? Jump in to discover who sides with what!

We'll touch on the world of non-profit marketing, drawing upon Collin and Heredes’s experiences from their church days, we'll think out loud about a renaissance in the non-profit world and dream about it growing faster than ever before, and we'll take a peek at our nonprofit manifesto! Come on in, we've saved a seat for you. Let's go and let's grow!


0:07 - Introduction and Fun Game

12:32 - Getting to know our co-hosts

14:52 - Marketing for Nonprofits in Church World

22:38 - The Nonprofit Renaissance Manifesto

26:19 - Igniting the Renaissance and Growing Faster

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