October 10, 2023

#3 • Collaboration, Generosity, and Dissecting the Role of Technology in Nonprofit Communication with Justin Price (Part 2)


Collin and H talk with Justin Price, Principle and CEO of Vers Creative about his experience leading in the nonprofit and creative world.

Episode Summary.

Have you ever wondered how you can foster a culture of collaboration and generosity in your nonprofit? Our conversation with Justin Price, the founder and CEO of Vers Creative, provides some fascinating insights. Justin highlights the importance of clear communication and appreciation within teams to ensure effective collaboration. He also shares a cautionary tale about relying too heavily on software promises, citing the example of donor management software that often ends up costing more than anticipated.

In our hyperconnected world, we are inundated with brand messages. How can we ensure that the messages we send out are not only seen, but also resonate with our audience? Justin points out the significance of segmentation and personalization in marketing. He educates us about the power of Facebook ads, especially with older generations, and the necessity of monitoring campaign performance. This discussion is an eye-opener for anyone interested in making the most of technology to effectively communicate with their audience.

Are we truly generous or has the tipping culture influenced our perception of generosity? Justin invites us to contemplate this thought-provoking question. He believes in the potential of value to inspire a lifestyle of generosity that supersedes mere clicks and views. We examine the current tipping culture's implications and its possible detrimental effect on promoting genuine generosity and collaboration. Justin offers his advice on how non-profits can enhance their communication with targeted audiences and maximize their impact. He calls for using technology to form meaningful connections and craft a brand presence that attracts the right people and creates unforgettable experiences. Join us on this journey of discovery - this episode is a must-listen for anyone in the non-profit sector or anyone seeking to foster a culture of generosity and collaboration.


0:07 - Fostering Collaboration in Non-Profits

9:44 - Segmentation and Personalization in Marketing

17:42 - Inspiring Generosity and Philanthropy

28:57 - Maximizing Nonprofit Communication and Technology

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About Justin:

Justin has made a career out of seeing where an idea or an organization is, having a vision for where it could be, and creating the strategy to get it there. He is a tireless collaborator who stops at nothing to get results. This drive is how Justin started Vers and grew it into the flourishing agency it is today. At his core, Justin has always been passionate about seeing things reach their full potential. This passion brought Justin exponential success early in his career at high level creative leadership roles in multiple industries such as music and tech as well as several large nonprofits. By pairing great creative work with superior strategy, Vers, under Justin’s leadership, has been able to help local, national, and international organizations reach their full potential. His non-work hours are spent experiencing local adventures, exploring architecture and local art in new cities, as well as playing music with friends.

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