September 27, 2023

#2 • Vers CEO Justin Price on Igniting Growth in Nonprofits through Creative Problem Solving (Part 1)


Collin and H talk with Justin Price, Principle and CEO of Vers Creative about his experience leading in the nonprofit and creative world.

Episode Summary.

Ready to ignite your creativity and redefine problem-solving? Buckle up as we take a ride with Justin Price, a creative powerhouse and the CEO of Vers Creative, who is known for his unique approach to design, direction, and ideation. We kick things off with a fast-paced game that reveals Justin's love for music, his Floridian roots, and his opinion on various topics - such as his vehicle preference (hint: Ford!) or why he prefers Canon over Nikon. Bonus: Justin even shares an exclusive offer from Vers Creative for northern clients (NOTE: still awaiting approval from the finance team...)!

As we shift gears and talk about our "Nonprofit Manifesto", Justin candidly shares his personal journey of identity discovery and how it led him to the nonprofit space and the eventual birth of Vers Creative. We dissect the principles that fuel his creative problem-solving strategies, be it video production, set design, or creating identities and cultures for organizations. Justin's unwavering dedication to tackle complex root issues, rather than just treating the symptoms, is not only inspiring but also eye-opening. So tune in for an enlightening conversation that promises to deliver a fresh perspective on creativity, leadership, and making a real impact.


0:08 - Justin Price, CEO of Vers Creative

2:45 - This or That: Get to know Justin Price

8:46 - Increase your impact with Vers Creative!

9:08 - Nonprofit Manifesto Core Value #1: Championing Impact Driven Organizations

17:28 - Nonprofit Manifesto Core Value #2: Empowering Leaders with Knowledge and Inspiration

22:08 - Coming up on Ep2, part 2...

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About Justin:

Justin has made a career out of seeing where an idea or an organization is, having a vision for where it could be, and creating the strategy to get it there. He is a tireless collaborator who stops at nothing to get results. This drive is how Justin started Vers and grew it into the flourishing agency it is today. At his core, Justin has always been passionate about seeing things reach their full potential. This passion brought Justin exponential success early in his career at high level creative leadership roles in multiple industries such as music and tech as well as several large nonprofits. By pairing great creative work with superior strategy, Vers, under Justin’s leadership, has been able to help local, national, and international organizations reach their full potential. His non-work hours are spent experiencing local adventures, exploring architecture and local art in new cities, as well as playing music with friends.

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