Graphic Designer

Amanda Tuttle

Amanda believes in the power of design to communicate visual stories that connect brands to people. She sees each new design project as an opportunity to collaborate and learn from other talented, creative minds. Before coming to Vers, she had vast experience as a Visual Communications and Media Designer.

Amanda has a huge heart and would do anything for anyone. She is a natural leader who is more interested in serving others than making herself look like a shining star. She spends time researching the latest creative trends and leading our graphics team toward excellence in design.

Sometimes her dog Milo inadvertently (and loudly) joins our Vers team meetings.

This is her stuff:

Bubble Tea: It makes everything better, right?

Milo’s Favorite Toy: So, I love my dog and he loves this toy. (P.S. My love is less destructive than his.)

Picture Perfect Colorado Postcard: This is the place where I found my adventurous heart.

Imagine Dragons: Press play, please! Music fuels my creativity.

Red Vines: Welcome to the sweet side! A deliciously rewarding treat.

Big Sunflower: My first mission trip was to Romania, home of the most magnificent sunflower fields.

Engraved Bible: This book defines my purpose and calling.

Panda Shirt: The Toledo Zoo is one of my favorite places to visit.

Funky Glasses: Totally my trademark. They’re the best accessory.

LUSH Products: Uh…this may be where all my money goes.

Library Cards: If I’m not at the zoo, I’m probably at the library. #booknerd

Art Supplies:  Let’s paint!

Meet the Others

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Principal & CEO
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Director of Operations
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