Art Director

Hunter White

After getting his Master’s of Architecture, Hunter first joined Vers’ sister company, Cokobo where he got his first taste of the immediate impact he could have on clients. Now a part of Vers, that creative impact is a passion. Hunter is a dreamer, and explorer, and leans heavily on those personas in his work. His goal is to help people find success or fulfill their dreams by creating meaningful experiences.

He thrives in the grey area and loves architecture and the sensory overload of cities, but his heart is in the wilderness. “I feel a special connection to the past, but the future is welcomed with open arms. I like the adrenaline of going fast, but I try to make everyday moments as slow and beautiful as possible. “Stop and smell the roses” is a warning I’ve never needed. Tampa born and raised, I’m so proud of my big crazy family and their legacy. They’re made up of the best adventurers, makers, and leaders whose impact on my life is immeasurable. Sunday lunches each week with everyone is how I relax and recharge. My wife Sydney is my rock (a beautiful rock), and lifelong best friend, and our little girl Ivy is a dream come true. If there's one specific soft spot in my heart, it’s for kids, because I myself am a 6-year-old at heart.”

Hunter is passionate about travel, new experiences, and all forms of art. Most of my time away from work is spent cooking, watching sports, or tinkering with things that should probably be left to a professional.

Camera: I love to wander, and I can’t explore without looking through the lens of my travel buddy.

AeroPress: Any coffee is better than no coffee, but this is my daily fix.

Pocket Knife: I’ve been carrying a pocket knife since the day my mom let me. A key tool for infinite tasks and a personal connection to my grandfathers, uncles, cousins, and brother who always had one ready.

LEGO: Creativity through building. I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. The Formula 1 set that this figure came from also helped hook me on motorsports.

Sauce Spoon: Ever since I was a kid, I have been fascinated with cooking. I’m always trying to learn and improve my skills.

Lightning Game Puck: Tampa born and raised. Go Bolts.

My Grandfather’s Tape Measure: Could be my curiosity or my schooling, having a measuring tool on hand is a daily necessity.

Ring + Watch: Wedding day gifts, I feel off balance if they aren’t on.

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