Director of Marketing

Vince DiGuglielmo

For years, Vince has described himself as “extremely average.” However, under that layer of self-deprecating humor is a not-so-average talent for telling stories through video and communicating with social media.

Vince’s fascination with cartoons led him to study the world of motion graphics. Nothing gives him greater joy than breathing life into an illustration or allowing a character model to walk. He spends his time researching trends in video and animation, and he is constantly seeking to hone his skills. Before joining Vers, he curated one of the country’s most engaging Division I social media presences.

When he’s not in front of the computer, you can find Vince at the gym with his wife, Rachel, or taking his two dachshunds for a walk.

This is his stuff:

Bike Helmet: Nothing beats cycling on a beautiful day! (Safety is great, too!)

Hot Sauce: My addiction to chicken wings is a bit out of control. Also, flats > drums.

NES/Nintendo Switch: Some people have cool hobbies – I just play video games.

Chromecast: The Internet can be a window to the world. Chromecast is my window to streaming YouTube videos nonstop for three hours.

Invicta Watch: My goto brand of watches. I never leave home without my Invicta. Thanks, Joe Rogan.

CrossFit Medals: I’m hoping to look a little more like Mr. Clean each and every day.

Festival Bracelets: Sometimes I feel rather curmudgeonly, but music keeps me young and excited for life.

Dog Toy: I have two dachshunds, Cooper and Milo. People say they have my nose.

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