3 Principles for Building a Successful Business, Part 1: Ship Excellence
February 2, 2023

Life at a creative agency moves fast. We’re constantly:

  • Communicating with our clients 
  • Collaborating on multiple projects simultaneously
  • Giving clients the most value within their budget
  • Sneaking in one or…seven…episodes of Yellowstone
  • Working to stay current in a landscape that's always evolving

All on tight deadlines! (Except for the Yellowstone part)

I wanted to be intentional about setting time aside to process the valuable lessons we’ve learned in creating a successful business. What became immediately obvious was that so many of the best things that have happened at Vers have happened in the margins, outside of our normal day-to-day grind. Spending time in the margins provides renewed focus and the chance to reevaluate our purpose. 

My recent time in the margins left me with four takeaways that we’re carrying into the new year. Each of these is a primary driver for our mission at Vers, pushing us to increase our reach and impact. 

AND...here’s the best part. These simple principles hold true no matter what industry your business is in. 

We’ve consulted with C-suite executives for global companies on all things branding and marketing, which has allowed us to hear some of their biggest pain points. Often the biggest problems can be solved with our Strategic Brand Roadmap. But sometimes,  the issues we find are caused by broken internal systems, built on shaky values, or an unclear vision for the company. Many of these problems could be solved with these four principles. 

Here is the first…

Principle #1: When in Doubt, Ship Excellence

There are a variety of ways to finish a project, and when time is of the essence, it can be tempting to push work across the finish line for the sake of being done. 

Vers is a HARD PASS on this idea.

We don’t ship cheap, we ship quality.

We don’t ship fast.

We don’t ship “good enough”, we ship what will help our clients make the biggest impact for the most value.

But if shipping excellence were easy, everyone would do it. Shipping excellence takes sacrifice. Often we are sacrificing short term profits and time. But we do this because our team can see further down the road than most in our industry. They know that a project completed with excellence gets talked about. And when a project gets talked about, our reputation builds and earns even more projects.

Our commitment to shipping excellent work has earned us a strong reputation among our clients. As doors continue to open for Vers to work with exciting brands, we are consistently reminded that our commitment to quality is what made it possible. 

When in doubt, choose excellence over profit. Choose quality over quick or easy.

- Justin Price

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