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Is it "Vurz" or "Verse"?

It’s pronounced “Verse”.

Vers translated from Dutch means ‘fresh’. It’s a descriptor that is experienced by every human sense.

Our philosophy for making fresh and effective marketing for visionary brands took years to craft. From scrappy beginnings to six-figure productions, here’s what we hang our hat on at the end of the day.

What our award-winning team brings to the table.



Making an emotional connection to your audience is everything and branding is how you get there. World-changing brands are defined through unrivaled copy and design. This is your ticket in.



This is where we listen. Having all the data and analytics is only as good as knowing what to do with it all. We position your brand to stand out from the competition.


Fidget Spinners

We bought a thousand cases of fidget spinners in 2016, and boy did that trend die out quick...We're really in the hole here. Buy one get five free. No, ten free. Please. We need this.


Ad & Media Buying

With unrivaled branding and positioning, you are ready to advertise. This is where Vers saves you money. We make your advertising dollars stretch more than the waistband of your post-Thanksgiving pants.



We don’t care about the PHP’s or the BRB’s. We care about optimizing your website’s user experience. Your site is a tool to get measurable results like: capturing new customers, spreading your message, and furthering your mission.



To build a community of fans on social media your  brand needs to; include audiences in on the jokes, be down to earth, listen, and engage. That’s how we’ve doubled the engagement on social with every one of our clients.


Tik Tok Dances

Due to a lack of interest, we’ve had to suspend our offerings in this area. We were told that our dances “offended Greg’s mom” and were “pretty disturbing to watch, honestly”.


Video & Photo

Anyone can make a good looking image. We capture the heart of your brand. Authentic storytelling on an emotional and vulnerable level comes natural to us.


Emergency Marketing Solutions

The world is different. Forget what worked last week let alone last year.  We offer an emergency marketing package to help you pivot to our current reality.


We are humble

collaborators who listen first.


We are strategic

problem solvers who use proven strategies to find solutions.


We are brave

self-motivators who are hungry enough to push boundaries.

"We go above and beyond in every way. We never take shortcuts and always work with your best interest in mind."

Justin Price, Principal & CEO

Vers Team collaboration
Vers team collaboration


We've been so lucky to receive some awards for our hard work
Digtial Awards Magazine
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Frontend madness

best friends.

best friends.

best friends.

Did we just become best friends?

We're always on the lookout for talented individuals who share our values and can elevate our team. That's how we've built an agency of award-winning creatives. Think you're the right fit?

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Tyler Campbell
Director of Content & Strategy
Shawn Tuckett
CRM Specialist
Nina Irizarry
Kelli Ogboke
Product & Interior Designer
Laura Cuevas
Project Manager
Michael Huth
Director of Digital
Julie Garner
Heredes Ribeiro
Chief Creative Officer
Chris Ogboke
Strategy & Development
Jenny Gardner
Web Developer
Jason Smithers
Director of People & Culture
Briana Yates
Project Manager
Eric Williams
Storybrand Certified Copywriter
Alissa Hilsdon
Executive Assistant
Collin Hoke
Production Assistant
Adrian Traurig
Creative Services Manager
Justin Price
Principal & CEO
Hannah Ramalho
Director of Operations
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