Adrian Traurig

Creative Services Manager

Adrian brings more than 15 years of creative leadership experience to the world of team development, design, and video production. Having spent most of his career working in non-profit environments, Adrian enjoys telling visual stories that communicate for a cause and pull viewers' heartstrings. He's always had a fascination with how things are made and is a craftsman at heart. This passion carries over into his love and expertise in cinematography and the ability to create emotion through what the camera sees. 

Adrian enjoys spending time with his wife, Amy, and their four children, looking for the next adventure to make memories. He has interests in architecture and carpentry and likes to build things in the woodshop during his free time. Having a formal education in music theory, he also enjoys playing songs with the family with his guitar or piano.

This is his stuff:

Topo-Chico: Carbonated for a man and tricks me into drinking water

Black Belt: I have a 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do

Fresh Coffee Beans: Gotta go fresh with the espresso

BBQ: Magic happens when meat is placed in a smoker

Tactical Knife: You always need to cut something

E.T.: My favorite movie for too many reasons to list

Boba Fett: I’ve always loved the colors and design of this character and the mystery behind his story 

Games: I love playing board games of all kinds with friends and family. Game nights are the best!

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