Alissa Hilsdon

Alissa finds joy and goodness in every situation, which makes her a positive asset to the team. She has never met a challenge she isn’t willing to tackle and has a fearless desire to grow personally and professionally.  

After spending time pursuing her love of performing arts, event planning, and promotions, Alissa eventually began working as the Programming Director for a thriving children’s ministry. She expanded her skills in scriptwriting, production planning, theming, set and lighting design, and directing. Now, Vers is grateful to have Alissa using all of her creative expertise to assist our clients with their social media success.

When she’s not creating Insta-stories and Tweets, Alissa can be found spending time with her husband, Ryan, who she met at the Disney College Program internship years ago. (Who knew Mickey was a matchmaker?) Along with their three sons, Alissa and Ryan love sports and value family time together.

This is her stuff:

Journal: My therapy.

Baseball: The majority of weekends are spent working on my farmer’s tan at the ballpark while cheering for my boys. 

Nutella: Do I really even need to elaborate?

Food: I love to cook and, of course, eat! Food excites me because of what it represents: people coming together around a table to connect, cultures colliding on a plate, the artistry involved in the preparation, and good fuel for the body. 

Planner: While I enjoy digital media, you can call me old school--or just call me old--when it comes to using my paper calendar.

Pieces of this Puzzle: My tribe, my crew, my family. There is nothing more important.

Disney Passholder: Disney signifies the start of my love for my husband, and it’s a playground for our whole family.  

The Big Apple: New York City is my favorite place in the world, with its fast pace, architecture, diversity, and theater. So inspiring! 

Prayer is Powerful: This book was recommended to me several years ago and has changed my prayer life. 

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