Briana Yates

Project Manager

Briana loves to help people achieve their best potential, and guide them through how to solve any bumps along the way. She flourishes while multitasking, planning and coordinating in any situation, urgent or trivial. 

Between her background in Health Care Administration, and her experience working within a creative agency, Briana is passionate about guiding brands to fruition with the help of Vers. She enjoys learning new skills and gaining experience in all areas of the creative world in order to best understand how to manage projects and create authentic relationships with team members and clients.

Briana is a self-made foodie, especially when it comes to traveling and encountering new cuisines. She views it as a connection for families and friends to come together, and uses it as a channel for stories to be shared along the way with each bite. She spends her off time hanging with her Dachshund pup Snoop, and enjoying life in the beautiful sunshine state- while documenting it daily on social media, of course.

This is her stuff:

Dog Mom Hat: I have two Dachshunds: Oscar Mayer who is 13 years old, and Snoop, who is 1.5 years old. Snoop was our quarantine breakdown purchase, and the best decision we have made yet! #dogmomlifeisruff

Daily Planner: Nothing beats using a paper planner and checking off tasks. My type A personality thrives when I am able to plan and prepare...except when I use a pen and can’t erase it.

Mug: Cute cup + coffee = happiness

Flowers: There is something about having fresh flowers that brings a sense of love and comfort to a home. They are one of my favorite gifts to receive and to give. 

Karaoke Microphone: I take pride in knowing the lyrics of almost every song played, 99% of the time. I love all music, from Frank Sinatra to Queen… and I may turn any event into karaoke, at any moment, therefore the microphone has a built-in speaker as well.

Charcuterie Board: One of my favorite hobbies is creating delicious charcuterie boards for family and friends to enjoy together. It is an art form that I have perfected, and consumed copious amounts of. *extra points if you know this cheese pictured, if you don’t, 10/10 must try*

Hydroflask: I have been an avid Hydro Flask user for years, and I never leave the house without it. I do have a bone to pick though- why does it not fit in any car cup holder in the world?

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