Chris Ogboke

Strategy & Development

Chris Ogboke is a recruiting expert who flourishes helping clients find and secure top talent.Over 10 years experience and a champion for diversity, Chris has led talent acquisition globally for a number of billion dollar companies during the day, whilst also operating as an executive diaper changer at night! Within this journey, Chris discovered the start-up world and the American Dream, co-founding one of the largest and fasted growing tech-enabled staffing companies ever.

Born in Scotland, Chris has lived in 5 different countries before calling Tampa Bay home. Typically known in the Ministry world as Kelli’s husband, Chris enjoys Florida and global thinking. As an ex-pro athlete, Chris is enjoying the impact sport of life and business. With a passion for understanding complex problems and crafting scalable solutions through technology, Chris helps our clients see opportunities within their businesses and their marketplace, rolling up his sleeves to support clients with strategy, technology, operations and realization.

This is his stuff:

Polo Collared Shirt: Dressed up or dressed down, it’s the way to start a happy day!

Watch & Ring: Some of the best gifts my wife has given me. Reminds me to seize the time and also know that tomorrow starts a new day.

Car Key: A vital necessity to living in Florida. A reminder to be grateful for the little things. Like air conditioning!

Phone: My assistant for everything. The best tool and hindrance to creativity, connecting and communicating. An essential help in between - capturing the coolest moments with the kiddos!

Golf ball: My new passion, the soccer style connects me to the love and suffering of my youth.

Nivea: So I can look 30 when I’m 50!

IPad - Disconnected from Wi-Fi, it’s been a blessing to scale my love for a journal.  I’m always amazed how light my soul feels getting things out of my head and onto paper!

Pencil: It’s amazing how much strategy and dreams come to life when listening and writing things down. The 2nd is because I misplace things all the time!

Pen: Purchased when in Australia 🇦🇺 as best man for my childhood friend. It’s a reminder that some things are just worth putting in extra effort to write the best story.

Shoes: Whether in business meetings, running around with the kiddos or date night with Kelli, the Zerogrand helps me remain comfortable in myself and walk content in my happy place as I pursue big dreams.

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