Director of Operations

Hannah Ramalho

Hannah loves people and building strong relationships. She’s the perfect balance between people-lover and task-master. Prior to coming to Vers, she spent time working in film production, executing video campaigns both locally and internationally for broadcast and social media. She thrives in high-pressure situations and loves orchestrating many moving parts to create exceptional results.  

Hannah attributes much of her drive and determination to her collegiate soccer experience.  Playing soccer taught her how to be fiercely competitive while maintaining a level of humility both on and off the field. If you have the chance to meet Hannah, you’ll find she’s a bright shining light wherever she goes.  

She is also part of the rank of dog owners in our company. In fact, she escapes insanity by taking nightly walks with her husband, Kevin, and her little fluffy pooch, Penny. But we say you have to be a little insane to work here.

This is her stuff:

Yeti Bottle: I keep this with me everywhere I go. Stay hydrated, kids.

Running Shoes: Fitness is important to me stemming from my days as a college soccer athlete, but mostly so I get to FIT ‘DAT FOOD IN MY BELLY.  

Black Journal: Ink to the page is always healing to the soul.

The Office: I like to laugh. Watching The Office is how I like to do it.

Coffee Mug: The mug was a gift from my husband. Coffee is a gift from God.

Apple Watch: I haven’t taken this off since the day I got it. It helps me be on time and stay on top of tasks. Thanks, technology.

Army Bracelet: My husband was recently deployed for a year, so this is a sweet reminder to pray for our military.

Dog Ball: This is Penny’s favorite ball, she carries it everywhere. I never understood puppy love until we got Penny.

Yarn: I’m an old soul, so finding hobbies like crocheting and mall-walking are just part of my life

Wedding Bouquet: My mom and I created my bouquet together and it signifies everything that was beautiful about my wedding day.

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