Heredes Ribeiro

Chief Creative Officer

Heredes is our in-house trilingual with over two decades of executive experience leading creative teams, capital campaigns, interactive events and innovative strategies for some of the largest nonprofits, brands and churches in North and South America. Sometimes we don't know what language he’s speaking - but it sure does sound interesting.

Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil with a pseudo Greek name his parents made up - Heredes married his college sweetheart (and band mate) Marcella in 2004. Together they homeschool their 5 young and energetic boys - something they are still not sure they would recommend. 

Heredes believes in the power of storytelling to forge authentic connections between brands and their audiences. He is known for embracing diverse and disruptive strategies, encouraging humor and has traveled to almost every continent in search of inspiration and ideas. His ability to connect and collaborate with creatives worldwide has positioned him as a highly sought after thought leader and culture builder for growing organizations.

This is his stuff:

Black Bylt Tee: The one decision I don’t have to make everyday. My wardrobe.

The Spark: My wife and I have seen 15+ Cirque Du Soleil productions around the world - this is the book that introduced us to their world of storytelling. 

Guitar Pick:  Always ready for a jam session.

The Midnight: This new synth wave band has become my new favorite. Old 80’s synth sounds for a generation who will never have to turn the tape to side B.

Lego Ad: This advertising piece sums up three of my favorite things.
1. Traveling with my wife.  2. Play time with my boys  3. Creative Advertising.

Nike: This “Off White x Air Presto” was released as part of “The Ten” - a collab b/w Virgil Abloh and Nike. Design, comfort and swag: 10 out of 10. I own two pairs.

UFC Glove:  Saturdays are fight nights at our home. My boys love MMA and  sports in general. I love pretending I’m an athlete when I kickbox my bag in the garage.

Bible: Source of inspiration for all my best moments, and source of hope and comfort in my worst. (Phil 4:4-7)

Mont Blanc: tangible luxury tool and brand that reminds me daily to pursue excellence and create content that will stand the test of time.

Guarana: Every Brazillians’ caffeine source. 

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