Julie Garner

Julie is a wizard of words. In fact, if you don’t like what you’re reading on the website–blame her!  (But be nice about it, because she’s the sensitive writer-type.) Julie’s career started as a project manager at a national advertising magazine. As she transitioned into the agency world, she was recognized for her copywriting skills, as well as her intuitive creative strategies and her leadership. Her work has been published in online magazines and in a book of short stories that feature women who faced obstacles and rose victoriously.

Although you may think her most valuable asset is her experience, our clients and team love her most for her contagious laughter and positive attitude.

Julie is married to her best friend Dan because she loves him, not just because he’s an amazing architectural designer (although, let’s be honest, that didn’t hurt). Together, they like hanging out and having fun with their two cool kids and their fluffy Golden-Border pooch named Zeke.

This is her stuff:

Phone: Communication is so important to me. It’s not just the words I say, but the words you say back to me.

Trendy Glasses: Sometimes, I just need some new perspective.

Sheet Music: “Where words fail, music speaks.” – Hans Christian Andersen.

Twizzlers: If I wasn’t a writer, I would want my job to be eating Twizzlers. Wait…what do you mean that’s not a real job?!

Seashells: All my cares wash away when my feet are in the sand and the sun is on my face.

Black Dog Tail: My best therapist has four legs and a black fluffy tail.

“Game of Life” Car: My family drives me to be my best self…and maybe drives me a little crazy, too!

Starbucks: My second office and my favorite dark roast.

Feather Pen & Ink: Writing isn’t my job, it’s also my craft.

Dutch Blitz Cards: My roots are in PA’s Lancaster County Amish Country. Blitz!

Broadway Show Tunes: I’m in love with Broadway shows and musicals. Anyone up for a sing-a-long?

Beaded Bracelet: Each bead represents a significant mile marker in my life. I never take this bracelet off.

Butterfly Box: My whole life has been about transformation.

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