Justin Price

Principal & CEO

Justin has earned a reputation for being a dynamic and visionary leader with a track record of building teams, spearheading organizational growth, and providing strategic insights at the executive level. His experience as a board executive, fractional VP of sales and marketing, and C-suite advisor has made an enduring impact on the organizations he has served. Playing a crucial role in executing short-term objectives with an eye toward future scalability.

Justin’s effectiveness as a leader can be seen in the creation of Vers in 2014, a full-service marketing agency that he founded and nurtured into the thriving business it is today. At Vers, Justin and his team of award-winning creatives specialize in providing nonprofit and cause-based organizations with the strategies to help them reach their full potential. A tireless collaborator, his passion for people and visionary leadership has been instrumental in the agency’s success.

At the heart of Justin’s professional journey is a deep-seated passion for helping others push the boundaries of what they thought was possible. This passion propelled him to early success in his career, where he held influential leadership positions across a diverse range of industries, including music, tech, and major nonprofits.

Justin and his team at Vers have helped countless organizations reimagine how they engage with their audiences, fostering lasting connections and driving unprecedented growth. This has positioned Justin as an industry leader who consistently sets new benchmarks for effectiveness within marketing, sales, technology, and beyond.

This is his stuff:

Tycho Art/Music: My all time fav design soundtrack.

Rainbow Sandals: Florida born and raised.

Watch: Living in the moment and never enough time.

Bodum Espresso Glass & Tamper: Fill it up. Start Day.

Down Syndrome Awareness Bracelet: Close to my heart since October 2013.

Emeril’s Original Essence:  Official soulmate of the grill…need I say more?

Hex Pencil, Pilot v7 black, Flat Spine Notebook: Tools of the trade.

Koala Bear: Life changing trip to Australia and Papua New Guinea.

LEGO Architecture: Where adulthood meets childhood.

Guitar Picks: Picking up the guitar always helps sort out creative solutions.

TN Motorcycle License Plate: “You do not need a therapist if you own a motorcycle.” – Dan Aykroyd

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