Product & Interior Designer

Kelli Ogboke

Kelli is driven by her innate desire to create beautiful spaces and products for her clients. She is our resident interior and product designer creating experiential residential, commercial, and retail environments and artistic lifestyle product designs.  

Kelli leads the church interior design consultancy with Healthy Church Growth, an extension of Vers, and is the principal designer for the design brand and Vers venture, Cokobo. 

Her expressive design concepts have been birthed from her international experiences. Kelli studied interior design at the University of Florida and obtained her masters of Industrial Design, Product Design (with a focus on furniture and lighting) from Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan, Italy. Before returning to Florida, she served as a part-time lecturer in Industrial Design at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, Ireland. 

Kelli enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, painting, and will never say no to a day spent at the beach.

This is her stuff:

Backpack - packed with my laptop, a notebook and snacks.

Converse - I pretty much live in jeans and converse. 

Cutting mat, Xacto knife and tape - Making things makes me happy. 

Yeti Cup - Holds my very necessary morning coffee.

Rosemary Almonds - I prefer savory over sweet treats and these are the perfect on the go snack.

Hair Diffuser - I have a lot of hair and this helps to tame it as best as I can; 

Laser Measuring Tool - Always with me because you never know what you might want to measure. 

Passport - Most procrastination daydreams consist of vacation planning

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