Nina Irizarry

Nina hasn’t gotten sick of our accounting jokes...yet. As long as she keeps teaching us everything we need to know about the financial ropes of a creative agency, her days here won’t be numbered. We trust Nina with all our super secret information, because we count on her to keep this place running. (She wants you to know, it wasn’t her fault we invested in all those fidget spinners.)

For nearly two decades, Nina has been using her accounting wizardry in advertising and hospitality. She leaves a mark wherever she goes, and she is very intentional about how she affects the lives of others. While Nina never had children of her own, she believes her lasting legacy will come through making other people’s lives better. She’s done that already for the Vers team. 

When Nina can tear herself away from her adding machine, she loves spending time with her energetic pups, her husband Jose, and their three beautiful grandchildren. She also loves traveling and learning about other cultures.

This is her stuff:

Boots: I want to be a cowgirl when I grow up. Give me country living and country music. 

Plant: I created a home garden as a way to relieve stress. My plants bring happiness and a sense of calmness to my life.

Rose: This rose represents lasting love. My hubby sends me flowers often, but he sent me this one because it would last forever--like our love.  The meaning behind it really means a lot to me.

Dragonfly: These are apparitions of hope. Dragonflies seem to always show up to put a smile on my face; in celebrations and in days of troubles.

The Shack: This is my favorite book. It was a true encounter for me.

Couple: I married my best friend.

Cross: My faith is at the center of my life.

Accountant: Like mother, like daughter. My mom was an accountant and when she retired she passed this guy on to me.

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