Director of Marketing

Tyler Campbell

Tyler loves exploring new ideas. Whether it’s talking about a movie he just watched or a book he just read, or a fresh approach to marketing, he is passionate about the process of turning thoughts into actions.

Before coming to Vers, Tyler balanced nonprofit work with his love for learning. He spent a decade working in homeless shelters and in residential sites for people with developmental disabilities while finding every reason to stay inside a classroom. Whether he was submitting papers in grad school or sending out newsletters on his substack, writing always followed him wherever he went.

When he’s not staring at a Google Doc, you can usually find Tyler outside with his wife, Chalsi, his two small kids, and their big fluffy dog, Harlow. He loves sports and often has replays from NBA League Pass playing during the day because he is too old to stay up and watch them live.

Hydration Station: Every day is a constant cycle between coffee, water, and seltzer.

Ora et Labora: “Work and Prayer”--This hangs in the walkway of our house and reminds us to keep everything in balance.

Bikes: I have a habit of buying cheap old bikes that need some love and making them rideable again.

Books: Remembering what you read requires a system. For me, that means a ruler for underlying and lots of tabs.

eBay: I’m always on the lookout for random pieces of ephemera that I can buy for cheap. Old posters, jerseys, hats, etc. from the past that helps keep old memories alive.

Foster Care: My wife and I have been foster parents since 2018. Even with its ups and downs, it’s an experience that has been really important for our family.

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