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We LOVE seeing explosive growth with our clients, but we also know that it comes with many challenges. Our team embarked on a collaboration with one of the fastest-growing churches in the country, who needed help managing its attendee database as a result of its exponential growth.

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Our client, Change Church, has seen thousands of new people visit their growing church in the last couple of years. To help connect these new attendees with all the life-changing programs and events, Change Church utilizes a Church Management Software that quickly accumulated an overwhelming 62,000 profiles generated in their system!

While this much growth is undoubtedly exciting, it also created a myriad of database issues, including:

  • Profiles being created and stacked on top of each other, causing duplicate records.
  • Data inaccuracies.
  • A host of data inefficiencies.
  • Sync issues with other softwares/tools

Because of these issues, only a handful of families were correctly accounted for within the entire church, with complete profiles and usable data. This meant that thousands of attendees were largely missing out on all that Change Church has to offer.

This is a common problem we have encountered among growing churches. After all, it’s hard to carve out time for data management and assimilation when you’re constantly gearing up for weekend services.


Recognizing the critical role of data in informing ministry decisions and nurturing spiritual growth, the church leadership engaged Ver’s team to optimize their database for:

  • Comprehensive visitor insights.
  • Attendance tracking.
  • Spiritual growth analysis.

Solution Implemented

Leveraging advanced data management techniques, the Vers team initiated a comprehensive overhaul of our client's database system. Here are some of the results:


Records were updated with correct mailing addresses, ensuring accurate communication with members.


Duplicate records were merged, eliminating redundancy, which paved the way for more reliable analysis and reporting.


Unmatched forms were resolved, further enhancing data completeness through an audit and matching process.

Process Optimization and Documentation

Alongside data cleanup efforts, Vers helped provide best practices and comprehensive documentation for profile matching, form setup, and database cleanup, empowering church staff to be more effective in managing the system. We also helped establish systems for small group setups, volunteer processes, API development, and queues in order to streamline operations and ministry coordination.


Through these efforts, the church has seen a transformation in its database management practices, and the once daunting and complex database has now been revitalized!. It now boasts 69,227 records, with 9,602 unique and active profiles successfully matched to their respective families. These improvements can aid the church with a reliable database for informed decision-making, targeted communication strategies, and strategic analysis.


With systems in place to track foundation classes and provide next steps for members, the database can serve as a comprehensive platform for nurturing spiritual growth and fostering community engagement. All relevant information is readily accessible on individual profiles, facilitating personalized communication and ministry outreach and working to connect thousands of attendees with the life-changing events Change Church has to offer!


Don't settle for 'set it and forget it' data systems. Vers offers dynamic, proactive optimization and maintenance tailored to your church's unique needs. With us, your church management system becomes a powerful tool driving ministry objectives and fostering deep member engagement. Elevate your congregation's experience with our dedicated support and strategic approach. Reach out today and let's empower your ministry together!

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