A Woman's Place

Raising Eyebrows Through Brave Social Media Campaigns

A Woman’s Place Medical Clinic wanted to make a life-changing impact on local 15-25-year-olds, but they weren’t going to get the results they wanted with the messaging and visuals they’d been using. 

For this social media campaign to reach its full potential, the traditionally conservative company was going to have to get outside of its comfort zone. To most effectively reach young women in their area, they needed to focus on making those women feel accepted and understood. That’s where we came in.


Social Strategy
Video Production
Social Media
Creative Direction


Communicating the message of A Woman’s Place to an audience who sees through the BS. 

We crafted a social campaign that was Instagram-focused with customized content (:15 seconds long, shot handheld and vertically) and featured lively 15-25-year-olds doing things that lively 15-25-year-olds do. 

We produced the campaign with three different age of actors and segmented the ads to the age section represented in the ad. That way, a 25yr old professional was not served an ad of a 15-year-old high school student. This gave us an A, B, C data set, so we had benchmarks to show the most responsive group to the ads. In future campaigns, we used that data to focus production and budget, where it got the highest ROI. How strategic of us. 

Your Body. Your Choices. Your Place.

A Woman’s Place built a deeper connection by telling their audience, ‘we see you, we love you, and when you need help, we’re here'. The impact was monumental for A Woman's Place with an almost 300% increase on ad clicks and over 100% more engagement on their social channels, cementing A Woman's Place at the forefront of their target audience's minds.

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