Grace Family Church

How to Become the 3rd Fastest Growing Church in America.


Client Profile: Grace Family Church 

  • Industry: Religious Organization, Non-profit
  • Location: Tampa Bay, Florida
  • Objective:  An increase in attendance, an increase in overall site traffic, and healthy online social media engagement.
  • Accomplishment: Ranked as the 3rd Fastest Growing Church in America according to Outreach100.

In an era where churches face unique challenges in engaging and expanding their communities, Grace Family Church defied the odds and emerged as the 3rd fastest-growing church in America in 2023. This remarkable success was achieved through a strategic partnership with our creative agency, Vers, which harnessed the power of innovative marketing and data-driven practices to help forward the mission of Grace Family Church.

A Fresh Approach: Empowering Growth through Innovation

To kickstart the journey towards exponential growth, Grace Family Church recognized the need for a revamped approach at their foundation. They initiated several crucial changes:

  • New Internal Operating Systems: Grace Family Church implemented more efficient processes, streamlining their efforts and ensuring that tasks were carried out seamlessly and on schedule.
  • Updated Tracking and CRM: A crucial aspect of their growth was the decision to enhance their tracking and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. This allowed them to monitor and analyze data more effectively, enabling data-driven decision-making.

Enter the Vers Approach: Lead with Your Strengths for Explosive Growth

Vers came to the table with a comprehensive strategy that capitalized on Grace Family Church's strengths while introducing fresh approaches, which included: 

  • Moving the Church Experience Beyond the Weekend: Vers recognized that Grace Family Church was already providing a meaningful and positive church experience. This core strength was leveraged through targeted paid media campaigns, aiming to reach people who were looking for a church like Grace Family Church. The approach included ads targeting friends of friends, individuals actively searching for church services, and even utilizing the Google grant program to reach a broader online audience.
  • Leveraging Community Outreach: Grace Family Church's commitment to community outreach was used as a foundation for expansion. Vers utilized this strength by sending out mailers to promote the launch of new church locations and sharing HERO stories within the neighborhoods of Tampa Bay. By emphasizing community involvement, Grace Family Church formed a more genuine connection with its local audience.
  • Optimizing Google My Business (GMB): In 2020, Grace Family Church's GMB listings were underutilized. We recognized the potential of GMB for Grace Family Church and took immediate action, optimizing their GMB profiles with best practices. This allowed them to significantly increase their visibility and reach within local communities.

Results: Becoming One of the Fastest-Growing Churches in the Nation 

By aligning best practices and a well-structured strategy with Grace Family Church's existing strengths, Vers played a pivotal role in seeing Grace become one of the fastest-growing churches in America. The data speaks for itself as the church grew by over 3,000 people in just 12 months, skyrocketing them to the 3rd position in Outreach100's list of the fastest-growing churches in the nation.

Grace Family Church's remarkable growth is a testament to the power of a strategic partnership between a visionary client and a forward-thinking creative agency. By embracing innovation, focusing on community engagement, and utilizing modern marketing techniques, Grace Family Church saw their attendance soar. This case study underscores the importance of a holistic approach to growth, combining effective project management, CRM, and marketing strategies to achieve exceptional results. Imagine growing your team and church exponentially without burning out - it's possible with Vers’ proven strategy and fractional team support.  Contact us to learn more on how you can get started immediately.

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