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Grace Hero

Spotlighting Everyday Heroes


Video Production


Ad Campaign



We partnered with our longtime client, Grace Family Church in Tampa, Florida, on a video-forward campaign to highlight heroes in their community. Vers saw an opportunity to emphasize how attendees of Grace Family Church change lives through their passion for their community. 

These everyday heroes included a principal at a nearby elementary school, a football coach, and a leader of a local nonprofit organization. The campaign included a video series and ad campaign that introduced local Tampa Bay residents to Grace Family Church and inspired the audience to make an impact in their communities.


The end result was a three-part video series that inspired the community to help make an impact locally and introduced those unfamiliar with Grace Family Church to what their members were doing to impact their neighborhoods.

Making these everyday heroes the focus helped the video series get more re-shares online, replays at live events and, as a result, introduced the Church’s values to new unreached audiences and networks such as the Hillsborough County School Board, Land O' Lakes Sports & Rec League and many more. 

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