Louisville Dryer

Being the Longest Standing Company in Your Industry Doesn't Buy You the Top Spot on Google.

The Louisville Dryer Company has 100 years of dependability in the industrial drying industry, but that doesn't earn the top spot on Google -- a digital strategy does. They needed a digital strategy that would produce results as dependably for them as their dryers do for plant operators all over the country.




Be the number one company in your industry. It starts with SEO.

When we delivered Louisville Dryer their Strategic Roadmap we identified that spending money on front end design wasn't going to yield a good ROI. We focused primarily on getting their expertise in front of clients that were in the buying process -- that starts with a focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The strategic groundwork we did on the site led to a huge and immediate lift in keyword rankings which resulted in a 54% increase in organic search traffic.

We followed this with a strategic overhaul of their website that immediately increased the speed of the site by 1976% and within five months the vastly improved user experience increased the average time on page by 73%.

When you pair a Search Optimization Strategy with a high quality company such as Louisville Dryer the sky is the limit. With our bold and strategic digital repositioning, the Louisville Dryer Company is poised to grow its market share even further and expand into new industries.

“VERS has been a great partner for Louisville Dryer Company. They have helped us increase traffic to our site which in turn has generated more sales opportunities. They are a very attentive and professional group to work with and I would highly recommend their services!”Tim Lee, Marketing/Creative Director, Louisville Dryer Company

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