SABIAN Cymbals

Elevating An Artisan Brand Through Strategic Thinking

After years of partnering with global musical instrument manufacturer, SABIAN, we've become adept at avoiding the 'status quo' in the industry and carving our own path. We saw an opportunity to show something very different than a typical drum solo. 


Sound Design
Graphic Design
Video Production
Art Direction


The concept was that relentless pursuit is the heart that connects every drummer. It’s not about mistakes; it’s about vision - you have a vision for something incredible, and might not ever get there, but the pursuit is what separates truly unbound musicians from the herd. If you don't have the guts to chase that vision, you might as well quit.

The Fruit of our Labor

The end result was a hyper-relatable piece that shows the connection between the cymbal makers and the drummers is this -- The relentless pursuit of the perfect sound.

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