Stop Losing Money On Marketing That Isn’t Working
October 25, 2019

Many of our clients come to us because they are fed up with losing money on marketing that isn’t working and missing opportunities to grow. Their ability to attract new customers relies on hiring an agency that will get down in the trenches with them and develop unique strategies that elevate them to their full potential.

We never get tired of leading organizations through a proven process that informs every step they need to take in order to reach their goals. Together, we uncover key information about their brand, their competition, and their customers that helps us build a strategic Brand Roadmap.

Initially, some may think having a brand strategy is unnecessary, too complicated, or a waste of their time. The exact opposite is true. Having a Brand Roadmap simplifies your communication and gets you where you want to go as an organization.

3 Reasons Why It’s Important to Have a Brand Roadmap

#1: To Simplify Complex Information

Your Brand Roadmap is a visual representation of the data collected through your discovery process. It clarifies your brand, your ideal customer, your competitors, and your goals. Most importantly, it reveals where you have missed opportunities for growth and proposes a strategy to move you toward clearly defined objectives.

#2: To Find the Best Way to Your Destination

The best route isn’t always the obvious one. You need to know your relationship to the people and places around you before you can select the correct path. A Brand Roadmap takes into account your current reality, values, relationships, demographics, and goals; and uses this information to lead you to the best way forward.

#3: To Gain Momentum

Your Brand Roadmap inspires you to think outside your world, expand your horizons, to better see the places you have been, and identify the places you have yet to explore. It will help build confidence by starting you where you can get the highest return on your investment and begin to see results. Your roadmap will reveal all the low-risk opportunities that will produce high returns, and then build on that momentum to keep you moving forward toward bigger growth opportunities.

When you combine our proven process with an award-winning creative team, you will get the unique strategies you need to reach your full potential – but before you can get where you want to go, you have to start.

It Starts with Discovery

With good reason, you can’t develop a strategic Brand Roadmap without first starting with Discovery. The Discovery progression lays the groundwork for everything that follows. Building your Brand Roadmap is simple after our initial 5-step process.

#1: Discover Your Audience: Build a persona of your ideal customer, get to intimately know your audience, their pain points, and your ability to solve them.

#2: Knowing Your Market and Competition: Find untapped opportunities in the marketplace to maximize your ROI.

#3: Branding Education Workshop: Take a high-level approach to create powerful links between your brand and your customer’s felt needs.

#4: Current Strategy Overview: Identify visionary targets and the tools available to hit them.

#5: Brand Roadmap Delivery: Receive your custom strategy guide to keep your brand moving toward achieving clearly defined objectives.

When you request a Brand Roadmap, you’ll receive “Discovery Session #1: Discovering Your Audience” emailed to you for free. Then, we’ll connect for a FREE 30-minute follow-up strategy session where you’ll also receive a personal invitation to dive even deeper into your brand, vision, and values with a complete Discovery.

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