Strategy and Video Production that features the heart of healing people through cutting-edge tech.

Who would you entrust with the marketing of your product when the price tag is nearly a million dollars per unit? As an agency of record with the world’s largest medical device company, we were tasked to create a strategy and video production to support their Mazor-X Stealth Edition product release.


Content Strategy
Brand Awareness
Video Production
Art Direction


Behind this technical marvel, beats a heart motivated to help people.

This surgical robotic arm is a cutting-edge, technical marvel with tons of impressive features; underneath the technology, beats a heart motivated to help people.

The result is a piece that allowed the product the debut it deserved, and a clear, relatable story that allowed the audience to connect to it on a deeper level. Our strategic planning allowed the launch video to be cut for a multitude of applications without sound, such as digital ads, website, and tradeshows.

"Medtronic is a big brand with an even bigger vision. We wanted an agency that would match our perspective and values, but not our size. Vers delivered exactly what we needed. Everyone quickly responded to our needs, maintained creativity and flexibility, and ultimately produced the results we wanted." — ROBIN FRIESZ, Marketing Communications Consultant, Medtronic Neuroscience

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