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Só Dança - Sara Mearns Digital Campaign Unlocks Unparalleled Access

Só Dança, an industry leader in dance shoes and dancewear, needed to take their marketing to the next level to stay ahead of their fierce competition. We partnered with them for a compelling digital campaign strategy and video production featuring their primary spokesperson, Sara Mearns, Principal Dancer for the prestigious New York City Ballet Company.


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Dancers are true artists that see right through marketing fluff.

Instead of a standard product video featuring Sara dancing in her signature collection line, we unlocked the heart of the story by inviting the audience into Sara’s usually private world of hard work, pain, and grit. To accomplish this authentically, we had to break the mold for scripts and interviews by feeding young dancers our interview questions and letting her unpack them in an intimate setting with the dancers.

Só Dança trusted us with unparalleled access to their most valued artist at the top of her game, and it paid off for everyone involved. What resulted was a piece that transcends a product line and inspires every young dancer that wants to be just like Sara. What’s the first step to being like Sara? You wear Só Dança. Take a bow.

“We had fears going into the future...but every time we talked with Vers, we felt inspired, like, ‘We can do this!’  They provided the strategy, moral support, and vision we needed.” — HELENA HINES, COO at Só Dança USA

In February 2019, we were honored with an Addy award for our thirty second piece for Só Dança

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