Cut Through the Noise and Reach Your Audience as a Cause-Based Organization
May 16, 2022

Here’s some hard truth for you and your cause-based organization.

Just showing up online isn’t enough to cut through the noise and truly have the impact you’re after.

And an even harder truth?

You’re competing for attention with businesses and brands that don’t necessarily have your audience’s best interests at heart, but which are willing to GO BIG and GET FLASHY.

We get it. That’s not always on brand for mission-focused teams, and you’re off the hook. No need to dance and point to different words in an Instagram Reel, master the quick transitions and trends on TikTok or anything else that takes away from who you really are and what you really do.

Strong brand strategy for cause-based organizations still starts and end with storytelling. You must engage with your audience’s heart first, to stop their scroll…

…then convert them by making it simple and easy to take action.

(And to be clear, you do still have to show up in all of the key online and social media platforms for your audience. So once you have the hook – make sure you’re using best practices like the ones spotlighted here.)

What kinds of stories and heart-tugging messages cut through the noise?

1. Start with a short, targeted and memorable hook.

Before Jenny worked with [organization name], she was desperate, depressed and running out of hope. After Jenny connected with our services, she was fulfilled, family-focused and optimistic about her future.

Before/after hooks immediately let someone know that there was a significant change, and a more positive outcome. Don’t be afraid to boil it down to the simplest takeaway and then expand. For example:

Before Jenny worked with [organization name], she was desperate, depressed and running out of hope. After Jenny connected with our services, she was fulfilled, family-focused and optimistic about her future.

But Jenny’s happily-ever-ever would have been impossible without the support of our generous donors, whose average contribution of $500 a year empowers us to:

  • Do A
  • Do B
  • Do C
  • Do D

And not just for Jenny. Jenny is one of hundreds of women in the [your city] community whose lives were forever changed by [organization name].

Today, we have more applications for help than we can currently accept. Which means that someone just like Jenny – someone who may be in your life now – will have to be turned away and told “maybe next time.”

You’re the key to helping us turn this no into yes. Learn more about how even a $25 one-time contribution makes a major difference.


2. Support the story with a strong photo, video or both!

You already know that video provides the strongest ROI with paid media and social media advertising. But it’s also the key to stopping the scroll in your organic marketing efforts.

Listen – we’re a creative agency, so we have to tell you: professionally-produced content will stand out from a sea of user-generated videos every day. Investing in a video that tells your story, features high-end video, audio, custom graphics and more is something we believe every cause-based organization needs to consider.

However; perfect is the enemy of the good, and we recognize that you may need to see performance and results on a smaller scale before taking the next step. Why not challenge yourself and your team to organizing and posting the results of a 30-day content creation challenge?

Here are some ideas that you can execute right now:

  • A Sit-Down With the CEO
  • Behind the Scenes With [organization name]
  • The Real Impact of [organization name]
  • Show the faces and stories of real people who have been positively impacted by your work
  • Secrets Nobody Knows About [our mission]
  • Quotes That Inspire Our Team

3. Use Numbers and Insights

We just told you that cutting through the white noise of social media and online marketing starts (and ends) with storytelling.

So you might think that data – in the form of numbers and insights – is a pivot from the main goal.


Numbers, when crafted to support your cause or to shock your audience, can be the cold, hard facts that make someone stop.

Then, you drive home your WHY (and their call to action) as a follow-up.


  • 95% of people who receive [organization name’s services] go on to have [positive outcome].
  • 99 cents from ever dollar donated to [organization name] is used for [services].
  • 75% percent of your neighbors are experiencing [problem].

This is not the time to be subtle, either. If you believe in your cause and your mission, you also believe that the community and the world is worse off, without it.

So, be bold. Within the framework of your core values, compel your audience to take action.

For all of the advantages you have as a cause-based leader, there are an equal number of challenges when it comes to online marketing.

Are you content continuing with the status quo? Or are you ready to disrupt?

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