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Vers Launches a Network That Helps Churches Grow

Vers Utilizes Insights, Strategy, and Experience with Global Brands to Serve the Church

Vers is a strategic marketing agency for world-changing brands. From non-profits like Shepherd’s Village to global clients like Medtronic, we are drawn to organizations that are making the world a better place. This passion also draws us to help with the needs of our local churches. Our staff has a combined 100+ years serving and leading in the local church. 

We know how to help global and local brands connect with their audience and get results. Yes, we’ve done a lot of work outside of the church, but we’ve never lost our heart for the people working in the local church. This is our opportunity to serve them through the launch of Healthy Church Growth.

Our years of ministry experience and crafting strategic creative for global and local clients makes us uniquely poised to help churches answer this one question:

How can your church thrive in 2020?

We know you are facing a new reality, but still want to grow your local church. In the past, the majority of churches have understandably utilized whoever was eager to help with their social media and website presence. This may have been a volunteer with a good eye for photography or a person that just seemed to know more about ‘the Tik Toks’ than the senior pastor. 

Pre-COVID-19, this may have been passable, but fast forward to the present and your church’s digital presence is the ‘front door.’ You need help from a team with years of experience building a strategic online presence for brands. You need a guide that will help keep your attendees engaged and to reach new people through the heightened noise online. 

So What is Healthy Church Growth, and how can it help?

Healthy Church Growth is:

Free Resources Such as a Podcast:

From guests like Creative Director Kevin Ely from Life.Church, Author, and Speaker Todd Henry, to ministry thought leaders like Stephen Brewster, we tackle subjects that are relevant to you as a leader in your local church as it relates to the arts and marketing. 

A Full-Service Marketing Engine:

Powered by Vers and our network of national consultants, we are offering full-service marketing to churches who are looking to save thousands of dollars on employee overhead costs. 

A Team of Consultants

We are offering a FREE strategy session for you and your leadership team in all creative facets of church - worship, branding, video, and communications. This is a one-hour video conference that will dig into your current pain points and leave you with some helpful next steps on building an online strategy that gets results.

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