3 Great Things About Building an In-House Marketing Team (and 2 That Are Actually Terrible)
March 10, 2022

Here at Vers Creative, we say that our in-house team is the “not so secret sauce” for our work and the impact we’re able to provide to our clients. So, we know that building a team of high-performers who are aligned on mission, vision and execution is a beautiful thing.

But when it comes to your creative department – the team who not only creates the visual identity for your big ideas, but actually brings it to life – should you grow from within, or bring in the experts from outside?

Here are a few things that are great about nurturing your in-house marketing team, and a few things that can actually be, well, terrible for a growth-focused organization.


1. Centralized and Comprehensive Communication

When everyone is in the same place conversations and decisions happen in the room (or the Zoom!) and there can be fewer delays plus less stress in looping all of the stakeholders in.

Communication is key for any organization – large or small – and if you work with an outside agency or vendors, we know that things can break down quickly.

2. Total Buy-In From the Team

When you hire, mentor and support an in-house team, there’s a natural buy-it. It’s not “them vs. us” or “them AND us” – it’s just US. And that initial excitement and optimism can certainly accelerate success.

After all, a rising tide lifts all ships – and if the team can rally around a common cause, it’s a beautiful thing.

3. Culture

Snack days, Fun Fridays, lunch bunch – whatever and however you celebrate and build your culture, your team can become like family.

And outsiders – even those who are fun and have great personalities – can have a harder time fitting into the family. (It’s like when your brother-in-law first showed up for the Thanksgiving holiday. Was he welcomed? Sure! Did he get to carve the turkey for everyone? Not for the first 5 years!)

As workplaces themselves get more diverse and decentralized, you may find yourself clinging to culture as the tie that binds – and cautious about anything that can fracture it.


1. It’s an Expensive Endeavor

Let’s be honest: more staff means more expenses. Salaries + health benefits + PTO + performance bonuses and more.

By no means are we saying that paying for staff is a bad expense. But we are saying that for some highly-skilled, niche-driven roles, your budget can get maxed out quickly, if you choose to bring the full team in house.

* Vice President of Marketing ($150,000/year)

* Paid Ads Specialist ($125,000/year)

* Videographer ($95,000/year + equipment)

* Project Manager ($90,000/year)

* Graphic Designer ($85,000/year + software)

* Marketing Operations Lead ($75,000/year)

* Copywriting Strategist ($50,000/year)

...and that’s just to start.

2. Limited Capacity for Resources

When you have an in-house marketing team, you’re stuck with the resources you have.

Even your most highly-skilled people can only handle one or two projects at a time, and even then – if you need a specialist rather than a generalist (think paid ad management: a very niche role that can go wrong quickly if you make a bad hire!), you may find yourself having to bring in someone else, anyway.

And because of the limited bandwidth, your team just may not be able to get everything that you need done, done.

That also means higher stress for everyone, diminishing quality of work and a much higher likelihood of making mistakes.)

*OK, OK. Saying these are terrible is a bit hyperbolic, we’ll admit. But we hooked you with a strong headline and then backed it up with a story.

That’s what we can do for you, and it’s why we think you should consider Vers as your creative and marketing agency of record. Just like your in-house team, we are committed to clear communication, we bring total buy-in for your success, and we’re absolutely ready to embrace the culture you’ve already fostered.

Not only will you maximize your budget, but you’ll expand your capacity for resources – because we have the process, the people and the potential to take your cause-driven brand to the next level.

If you’re looking for help with strategic marketing and branding services that can make your organization one to watch in 2022 and beyond, let’s chat.

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