How Vers' 3D Renderings Helped HERD Accelerate their Product Lineup


At Vers, we specialize in solving our clients’ most complex branding and marketing challenges. They rely on our expertise to find the best solution that fits within budget and is delivered on time with excellence.


HERD - a global leader in the transportation industry- wanted to showcase eight innovative products for eight different semi-truck manufacturers in five real-world scenarios.
The notion of a fun “on-road” live action shoot got us incredibly excited, until we realized that in order to pull it off, we would need to:

  • Rent 8 heavy-duty commercial semi-trucks
  • Secure multiple certified drivers with active licenses
  • Mount the product on 8 different vehicles
  • Clean and polish the product and the truck before and during the shoot
  • Location scout across 2 countries and 5 states
  • Work with local municipalities to close roads and hire traffic control.
  • Secure insurance for the truck, the production, and the driver  
  • Hire a photographer, lighting director, a follow car, a production assistant
  • Pay for pre and post-production costs
  • Pray and wait for perfect weather and seasons to showcase each vehicle. 

The cost of shooting and producing the content HERD wanted would have been a minimum of a million dollars and a realistic timeframe of 4-6 months to complete. 


Vers quickly concluded that while a live-action shoot would produce the very best images to sell HERD’s products, but it also had the potential to scope creep, cost much more, take more time, and ultimately have a limited return on investment.

Instead of a full production, Vers recommended HERD work with our team to produce life-like 3D renderings of their products at a fraction of the cost of a large in-person production. Vers leaned into HERD’s secret weapon, their engineering team. Unlike most manufacturers, HERD’s engineering team is much more advanced and already utilizing 3D modeling for their product development in ways not many other companies in the industry have the know-how to execute. Their team ensured there was an accurate placement of details, and everything was scrutinized down to the most microscopic of detail. 

This solution was:
  1. Cost-effective: 3D renderings are generally less expensive than video productions, as they require fewer resources and less equipment.
  1. Time-efficient: 3D renderings can be produced much more quickly than video productions, as they do not require filming, editing, or post-production work. The client can have their marketing materials ready in a shorter timeframe, allowing them to market their products more quickly.
  1. Flexible: With 3D renderings, the client can make changes to the truck grill design or features easily, without the need for reshoots or editing footage. This flexibility is especially valuable in a project's early stages when designs are still being refined.


By going with the 3D rendering option, HERD saved BIG on their overall marketing budget, allowing them to put even more resources into marketing efforts that have direct connection to sales. 3D renderings were still an investment and took a lot of effort from product specialists to rendering specialists, but the outcome was a stellar production at a way more affordable price point.

The 3D renderings showcase HERD’s product lineup on a range of compatible truck models in life-like conditions, allowing the audience to visualize HERD’s products in a realistic and compelling way. Plus, because the renderings are digital, changes to the images can be easily accomplished if the need were to arise. 

As a strategic creative agency for world-changing brands, we are focused on making every dollar our clients spend with us count toward making a real impact. 

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